Monday, December 19, 2011

SLOUP #23: The Science of Sloup (AN INVITATION)

On the night of Sunday, January 29th, Sloup will happen all over St Louis because anyone & any place can host.

That’s you!


•have people over some time that night

•feed them soup

•distribute the month’s artists’ proposals to your guests (proposals will be accessible on the blog by noon that day.)

•facilitate a Sloup vote (by individual ballot, majority, or unanimity—up to you! experiment!)

•collect a $10 donation from each voter (hosts may choose to vote or not; proposers may not host Sloup but proposers may attend Sloup)

•document the event creatively

•and drop off a post-Sloup packet between 7 and noon on January 30th at Local Harvest Café at 3137 Morganford Rd.

post-Sloup packet contents
1. a list of participants & their email addresses (& any extra documentation!)
2. the recipe or story behind the soup
3. all ballots (or a tally if your Sloupers voted together)
4. $10 per ballot (or per vote in tally)
5. process notes from your Sloup based on these 7 questions:
-What drew you to hosting and what were your plans or hopes for your Sloup? How did it play out?
-Describe your Sloup’s dynamics (i.e. host/guest, dinner/proposals, etc).
-Describe the discussion and voting process regarding the artists’ proposals.
-What were some successes and challenges of hosting your Sloup? Any supreme moments, surprises, major issues, small awkwardnesses?
-Would you host a Sloup again? Why or why not? What elements would you keep or change?
-If you have attended Sloup before, compare your Sloup to others. If your hosting experience was your first Sloup, what do you now expect from future Sloups?
-After hosting a Sloup, do you have any advice for Sloup as it moves forward?

Please make it your own. And last minute is fine—we don’t need to know ‘til the next morning! But we can help you plan your Sloup and/or advertise your Sloup to others if you’d like it to be open. Ideally, a Directory of possible Sloups to attend (at homes, restaurants, and art spaces) on January 29th will emerge on our blog. And if any requirements limit your ideal sloup-ability, we want to know (i.e. Do you need us to drop off copies of the proposals to your site that afternoon?).

Sloup 23: The Science of Sloup is a collaboration between Sloup and Francesca Wilmott of Los Caminos. Francesca will host a Sloup that night at Los Caminos. (

And Amelia and Maggie would like to attend other Sloups. Invite us!

MORE INFO AND IDEAS TO FOLLOW. email ideas and questions to

Sunday, December 4, 2011

December 18th: Sloup Holiday Party @ FOAM (no cover!)

Check it. Sloup is taking it's first breather since it started rolling in February of 2010. We're going to use the time to re-group, and you should too. We expect big little things and little big things in January from your proposals. Please ask the same of us.

The party at FOAM is from 7 'til 11 or so and, while it's just a nite to get together and unwind with new and old friends amidst a busy month, there will be a lot to take in:

*An invitation to participate in Sloup 23: The Science of Sloup (January Sloup) will hit the streets, pamphlet-style. It's going to be a big fun deal, and we'll be there to talk it up. (It's an experiment!! Check back at the blog if you can't make the party!)
*Vegan white bean, roasted garlic, and sage soup will be available to raise operating funds for Sloup 2012--$5 for a bowl and $10 for all you can eat!
*DJ Invisible Cola and DJ Michael "Mike" Stasny will kick back behind their laptops and stuff our stockings with special sounds that wrap our hearts in faux-fur slippers.
*Wonder Koch will discuss her recent artistic projects and how losing Sloup twice contributed to their development.
*Great hot boozy drinks will be on sale all night long: thank FOAM for having us by indulging big time. They make a mean toddy.

We're still not over how great last month's Sloup felt at Moonlight Farm. That is all. See you on the 18th.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Project #22: Issue Magazine ($180)

JD Scott wrote," We are currently seeking funding for our first issue, “Home,” which we intend to publish this Spring. Here’s an excerpt from our mission statement:
“Issue Magazine is a collaborative, multidisciplinary publication that will explore social issues in St. Louis through the lens of architecture and design. This organization seeks to introduce social issues - and their existing and potential solutions - to students of Washington University and members of the St. Louis community.”
We intend to use unconventional journalistic methods and mediums—collage, photomontage, journal writing, mapping—to reveal views of the city that are both intimate and highly accessible.
A quote that I was referred to recently:
“Enough of Art. It’s Art that kills us. People no longer want to do a painting: they make Art. People want Art. And they are given it. But the less Art there is in painting, the more painting there is.”
—Pablo Picasso
Capital “A” Art and Architecture are distanced from context—from the community. They are inward-looking and often self-obsessed endeavors. The intent of the publication is to return to (lowercase) art and architecture, to highlight people, projects, and places far removed from galleries and coffee-table books; and, most importantly, to continually reinforce the idea that architects and designers must be advocates for social justice."

Whoa - Wow! So Fantastic! Thank you caravan-ing friends for making the trek out to Moonlight Farm last night. The moon was hiding behind the clouds - but we were all kept warm with blankets and a bonfire. There were two kinds of hand-churned butter, local local pears in the soup and the cider - and so much good conversation! So nice to see plenty of new faces as well as our returning Sloup friends. How many 'best Sloup ever's did you hear last night?

Next Month: Holiday Party December 18th at 7 pm at FOAM!

Let's take the month off together and hold tight to those proposals until 2012 friends-- we will keep you updated with more details!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Sloup #22: tomorrow

it's here! field trip time! Amanda and Alaric are ready for us, it's going to be a clear and chilly night, the soup and cider are going to rule, it's all systems go...

but, what we DO need is some more proposals to read and discuss by fire light.

PLEASE take some time today to get your thoughts out on paper if you have an upcoming art project, and we know you do. Send it our way, and no matter the outcome, you'll make some new fans who are thinking about what you do.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sloup #22: Moonlight Farm Field Trip

Sloup is the same but different this month, and we can't wait. Let's get started a little early because we've got to take a little journey to our venue this time, and it'd be fun to catch the sunset over the fields.

Moonlight Farm is at 3470 Dutch Bottom Road in Arnold, MO. It's an easy shot down 55 for the most part, with a few twists and turns at the end.

So, for those of you who can head out at 4:15 or so, let's meet at The Mud House at 4 and get oriented and sardine-like and build a parade. Don't be shy about showing up car-less, lots of folks will have extra seats! And if you like driving, we'd love you to be one of those pals with extra seats.

For those of you who want to leave a little later or direct from home, here are the basics:
"(from Mud House) Cherokee St. to 55 S to 141 (about 14 miles), make a right on 141, make a left on Missouri State Rd (about 2 miles - it's the next street past Astra Way, there is no light at Missouri State), make a left at the stop sign, make a right on Dutch Bottom Rd, follow the road around a large curve, you will see an iron gated driveway on the left and go over a creek, the next gravel driveway you see on the left is our road! follow the road down to the barn!"

Those are direct from our hosts, Amanda and Alaric Geimer! That's right, they said "barn." Let's DO THIS.

They also say they'll be making a "fresh-off-zee-farm winter squash and pear soup and scrumptious hot pear cider for slurping." Yum-mee.

The whole Sloup thing will still go down smooth and easy: packet of fresh artist's proposals, informal chats about them all, $10 for a vote on your favorites, we post the winner in the mornin'... but THIS time, once you read 'em, they'll turn into kindling for our cozy bonfire.

Didya hear that?? Extra incentive to submit a proposal this month- your art-goal will become ashes that go up and up into the night, and that's way more powerful magic than your standard household birthday candles.

We'll head back to the city together by 7 o'clock or so. Plenty of time to head to the next thing STL has going on for you, or to catch a much-needed big bear nap.

December 18th: Sloup Holiday Party @ Foam
January 2012: Sloup Pulls Some Tricks Out Of Its Sleeves

Monday, October 31, 2011

Project #21: Rats and People Motion Picture Orchestra

Heather Rice of Rats and People Motion Picture Orchestra (winner of October's $230 grant!!) wrote:

"My band 'Rats and People Motion Picture Orchestra' is a six piece ensemble who composes and performs original soundtracks to old silent films. We want to purchase our own screen and projector to allow us to play at more venues instead of being restricted to only places that have this technology. We feel that this would also enable us to plan a tour for this upcoming fall or spring.

Werner Herzog's "Cave of Forgotten Dreams" reminds us how powerful and fresh art can be tens, hundreds, or even thousands of years after its creation. The advanced technique and almost cubist style of some of the ancient cave paintings illustrate how wrong it is to assume art simply develops and improves along a single, uninterrupted evolutionary path. In the case of these ancient works of art, luck and plate tectonics preserved them by sealing off the cave to air, mold, and decay. In the present day, one of the best ways to preserve the similarly advanced art of silent film is through keeping it alive with fresh music and showing it to as many people in as many places as possible."

Congratulations R & P - job well done. And thank you everyone for attending yesterday evening to eat, vote, carve, and dunk.

Galen, you are the host with the most, such a cozy time. Will - your punch packed a punch, please come back again with your fantastic recipes. I'm feeling punny today so I should wrap this up. Not a drop of soup left last night - surely the sign of success. Stay tuned for updates folks for Sloup #22 - this one involves a ROAD TRIP so watch the blog and the Face for maps and other various directives. Think brave. Think car pool.

Friday, October 28, 2011


Come to Fort Gondo Compound for the Arts this October 30th at 6 p.m. and get festive with Galen Gondolfi! Pumpkin Ale Soup by Amanda Phillips. Tiki Drink by Will Fischer of UnderWARES (BYOlittleextrasumthin.). Decorations by YOU (wear them! at least get out the orange shirt.).

$10 gets you soup and a vote toward your favorite proposal. (Send us a proposal and your favorite can be your own!!)

This is going to be the funnest. We can feel it.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Project #20: BLUEPRINTstl

Nat Zorach plans to make "cool things happen in abandoned buildings. Think of it as a hybrid of a collaborative arts project, a community engagement exercise, and a marketing campaign for vacant and city-owned real estate. Architectural charette mixed with real estate venture mixed with dance party. It is about using abandoned buildings as a forum for dialogue and cultural engagement. And figuring out how to renovate those buildings.

BLUEPRINTstl develops a figurative road map as well as physical, architectural drawings to essentially market underappreciated buildings and show how dope they could be with a little love. We are not a real estate developer but we aim to encourage development.

We have the blessing of the SLDC and the LRA, whom we met with earlier this year about this (after the Open/Closed vacant property summit) and who own about 3,000 buildings and think it would be really cool to get some of them moving. Plus those folks, there are thousands more privately owned homes with owners waiting for the right moment to do something cool with the spaces. We’ve got the organizational/building part of it, now we just need some creative minds who want some serious license. Who’s in?

WHO: Me and a couple of architect-designer-carpenter-artist-musician-St. Louis enthusiast friends. Any and all residents who want to join in. Oh, and you. Hit me up.

WHAT THE MONEY WILL BE USED FOR: A small marketing and events programming budget, starting with our kickoff event, hosted in a semi-finished space to assemble some preliminary ideas about the project. We want to inspire and to be inspired, engaging new ideas and energy from community members and creative minds. This is about integrating integrating individual creative product with a collaborative, community endeavor. Our first event will outline some specific goals and sketch out some potential first projects, and the building arts part of the project will detail some renovation plans being worked on by our collaborators."

To get in touch with Nat with questions or thoughts about his project, you can email him at Also, please check out our proposal archive to see who else proposed this month and feel free to send ideas and energy their way too! (The archive suffers from a huge-ish gap, which we plan to remedy soon soon.)

This was our smallest Sloup ever!! 10 folks, 100 dollars. After recalibrating, we could feel the hugeness of 10. And it felt cozy to hang out with John Perkins in a gorgeous space (Thanks CAM!) while eating many bowls of the smoothest most warmingest tomato soup imaginable. We like making the most $$$ we can for the brave folks who propose, but we also like learning from the unique character of each event. And since we're starting to strategize for making Sloup in 2012 stronger and stranger, shoot your ideas to We're also going to be putting out a big time call for collaboration in the next month or so, please keep checking back.

NEXT SLOUPS (mark yr calendars plzzz, these soups will be steamy):
October 30: Halloween Sloup at Fort Gondo Compound for the Arts (wanna make the soup?)
November 27: Caravan to Moonlight Farm in Arnold, MO for a Farm Sloup (pear cider!)


Sloup number twenty is going to happen at the Contemporary this afternoon. This very two o'clock. It is so so sunny on their patio, and the little silver chairs and tables are positioned for maximum sun on your sweet soft face. John Perkins just whipped the richest butter into the last tomato soup of summer. He'll drive it over here in a few minutes. I bet his windows will be rolled down. There are three artist's proposals in a cozy packet for you to read and love, and they are all so well written. They are all such charmers. We are all so charmed. So charmed we're a little sleepy. Come on over. It's nice out.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Project #19 Bus Songs

Barron Johnson and Paul Fehler will use this month's Sloup Grant "for the school year of 2011/2012, we want to record kids rapping on buses. We want to hear what they say, record it, and preserve it for posterity. We think that this is an important step in safeguarding our culture, and that without efforts like these our identity as “St. Louisans” will be increasingly threatened. We believe that it’s imperative that steps be taken to prevent our city, as we know and experience it now, from being imperfectly understood by future generations."

Congratulations guys!

Well - thank you Eric & Maggie from Firecracker for hosting us this month. Totally great energy and a lot of new folks this time.

We had two delicious soups (a frijoles charro soup and a secret sopa vegetales) this month from Carniceria Latino Americana - maybe if we ask really nicely, they will put those soups on their menu....hmmmmm?

So. Next month we'll be back at the Contemporary for Sloup #20 - we'll have to drum up some fun for CAM for sure.
And- what's new with you? We wanna know - Drop us a line

Stay tuned for more for September and up-coming fall Sloups!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Update: Sloup #19

For those of you who thought it was too late to submit a proposal this month - now you can!
Sloup is taking proposals until midnight tonight - hit 'Send' on that email kids. See you tomorrow - gonna be great - it's all coming together Sloup Style.

Sloup #19 Firecracker Press

Hey Hey Sloupers - Sloup #19 will be hosted this month by Firecracker Press 2838 Cherokee Street
Saint Louis, MO 63118. Our (two!) soups will be provided by Carniceria Latino Americana.

Regular Sloup time this month 6-8 pm - we're bringing the cornbread - you're bringing your wonderful selves and friends - and friends of friends of course.

$10 will get you soup and a vote.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Monday, July 25, 2011

Project #18 Los Caminos

Why do we [Los Caminos] need a Sloup grant?
"For the past nine months Los Caminos has presented a diverse array of exhibitions featuring local and national artists. Because Los Caminos is neither a commercial gallery nor a 501(c)3 non-profit, we do not have the capabilities of generating income like other art spaces. While these factors inhibit us financially, they also give us complete freedom to allow artists to experiment. The space has been self-funded by Co-Directors Cole Root and Francesca Wilmott. With our first year coming to a close we are now faced with the expenses of continuing our ambitious programming through the summer and into the fall.
Sloup funds would be used for a variety of purposes in addition to general
operating expenses: installation and equipment costs for our upcoming summer and fall programming (this involves preparing the space for video installations), annual fees such as our domain renewal for our website which helps showcase the St. Louis art community on a global level, and shipping for our upcoming group exhibition which features artists from St. Louis, New York, and Chicago."

Congratulations Los Caminos - the sizable grant of $940 goes to you!
Very exciting - almost overwhelming Sloupers - this last Sloup at the Contemporary Art Museum St Louis was awesome! Thank you Alex Elmestad for hosting us and thank you Clara/Local Harvest for the delicious summer soup. So good to see so many new faces! Please come back next month at Firecracker Press for Sloup #19! Stay Tuned for more details about August and beyond!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Project #17 Carlie Trosclair

What are you making? "I will be creating an outdoor installation for Post Performance 3: A one night, site specific performance that pairs a visual artist with a musician. Post Performance takes place at The Old Post Office Plaza and is part of a monthly summer performance series hosted by The Luminary Center for the Arts.The event is free and open to the public. The work will be comprised of 5 to 7 freestanding sculptures, varying in height and width, ranging from 4‐8 ft tall. Fabric will be stretched and nailed to an abstract wooden frame to form a variety ofintersecting planes between the pieces of wood, and illuminated with colored lighting from within.
The lines and patterns of the architectural forms surrounding the site are used as inspiration for
the installation. The abstract shapes of the sculptures will be multi faceted and multi dimensional incomposition. Addressing themes of repetition, space and perception, the sculptures not only relate to place, but are also intended to provide a visual mimicry of the rhythmic sounds of the musiciansperforming: High Places"

Check out Carlie's work here

Wow! So much awesome in one night Sloup #17! Thank you Flowers to the People for our first Sloup in a flower shop - so beautiful
Thank you Holly Fann for the lovely black bean soup - with choice of awesome toppings
and - tiki master for hire , Will Fischer thank you for turning the Stable's artisanal spirits into a magical summer cocktail.

See you next month at the kick off for CAM's City-Wide Open Studios. Special time (2-4 pm) special place. Dress fancy

Friday, June 17, 2011

SLAP update and Sloup #17

Sloup is speaking tomorrow at 11 am on the Creative Community Engagement Panel at the Regional Arts Commission. The panel is part of the the larger St Louis Arts Project Conference - we look forward to seeing you there!

And- the time is rapidly approaching for Sloup #17 on June 26th!
This one is another triple header - check this out:

Hosted by Flowers to the People the hippest floral and gift boutique
Soup will be provided by local food writer for the River Front Times - Holly Nickels Fann
AND - we are currently composing a 'slouper' cocktail with some delicious spirits - donated by the brewpub and micro-distillery The Stable

its going to be. awesome.

So get your proposals in - we will be bumping up our deadline to Friday by midnight - tell your friends and tell your friends friend.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Where to next?

Sloup #17 will be at Flowers to the People on June 26th at 6 pm.

Sloup #18 will be at the Contemporary Art Museum on July 24th at 2 pm.

save these dates, and send us your proposals!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Sloup #16 Cameron Fuller

Cameron Fuller and seven other brave Sloupers participated last week in our first-ever Sloup Proposal Workshop in assocation with the 3rd Annual Chautauqua Art Lab. The application Cam workshopped won over last night's voters with his proposal to create a drive-in style projection space at 4528 Ohio Street. The space will ultimately be host to experimental video screenings and an on-going short films series.

This Sloup was super-awesome right? (I do think we always say that - but really - especially so last night!)

Gina/VegaDeli, the White Bean Kale and Kale Potato soups were a-mazing! Thank you so much - please come back and visit Sloup!

We had 7 sweet proposals this time - so gets yours in among the mix next month.

Sloupers - look forward to the updated Sloup Archives to review all of the proposals that have been submitted.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Sloup #16: VegaDeli & Workshop Proposals

is coming up fast on Sunday May 22nd at 6 pm.

The soup will be donated by Gina at VegaDeli and be just down the walk a ways from Floating Laboratories at Maggie and Mike's place (see map below).

Proposals generated at the workshop on the 15th will be automatically submitted. All art project proposals are also as usual welcome until midnite saturday. Submitters, please note the ever simplifying list of questions to answer and format into a one page PDF document.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Sloup #16: finishes at the bottom of a hill

Another river Sloup! May 22nd! 6 pm! how to get there!

Sloup #16: starts with a workshop the week before

As part of the 3rd Annual Chautauqua Art Lab, a "week-long grassroots citywide arts festival, free university and art parade," we will run a Sloup proposal workshop for "solo artists with half thoughts" at 1 pm on May 15th (check back at Emily Hemeyar's blog for confirmed location). Let's bring on a new wave of ideas in one hour of getting it out and down. We're even gonna make worksheets to make it easier and more fun, and then we'll enter every single one to compete for the next Sloup grant, even if they don't feel complete! We love this idea because it's that time of year to get overwhelmed by all the amazing things we all can ( AND WILL) make and do.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Project #15 "Float your Face Music Festival"

wow oh wow. $220 goes to Kevin Harris of Floating Labs:

***The artistic project currently being planned and in need of community support is the "Float Your Face Music Festival" to be held May 27th and 28th at Floating Laboratories, an experimental music and sound studio in Saint Louis. The project is a collaboration between Kevin Harris, founder of Floating Laboratories, and cultural organizer Josh Levi of Flood Yr Face.

The festival will provide the citizens of Saint Louis with two days of critical exposure to some of the most authentic experimental music being made in the world today:

--Eight national and international artists will bring highly unique and ambitious work to Floating Laboratories, to be performed over the course of two evenings.

--Workshops will be held by local and national artists on electronic circuit design, instrumental performance technique, and experimental film manipulation.

--Lectures/presentations will be held on electronic music history, esoteric and "forgotten" musics, applications and interpretations of analog and digital synthesis, and experimental music and its relationship with social activism and change.

--Representatives from other like-minded Saint Louis community organizations will be encouraged to participate and distribute information about themselves.

We intend for this festival to provide Saint Louis with a vehicle to interact with positive people and new environments - using music as a catalyst. Just as the content of the music being selected is highly authentic, creative, and non-traditional, so will be all aspects of this festival and experience.

The money awarded from SLOUP would go towards paying the travel expenses of visiting artists. Ultimately, the money would provide Saint Louis with a unique musical experience.***

Thank you Thank you Travis DeRousse & Melanie DeRousse for hosting us at Black Bear Bakery - the two soups, white bean and corn chowder, were totally delicious - Sloup was so so cozy and we saw quite a handful of new faces!

Well Sloup #16 needs a home - contact us if you would like to host or make a soup!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sloup #15: Black Bear @ Black Bear (April 24th, 6-8 pm)

As if it wasn't awesome enough that they give us bread every month to make sloup a belly-full, Travis DeRousse of Black Bear is hosting Sloup at Black Bear, supplying the soup, the bread, AND the atmosphere.

Beers will be available by donation to send some love back Black Bear's way!

Get your proposals in by this Saturday, and we'll see you there!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Project #14 The Strings Attached Project

***The Strings Attached Project provides weekly music lessions, guitars and community performance opportunities to St Louis youth ages 5-17. The project cuttently has 23 students involved, learning to sight read music, play guitar and work in small ensembles. The project uses American roots music as its study genres with an emphasis on St Louis music history. $520 will help fund "A) a recording studio day with youth as an educational field trip, make recordings and later dub in professional St Louis muscicians as backup players for the youth. The recording "Eternal Songs" would be released as a CD and download to help fund this ongoing project. and B) to help fund the guitar "awards" wherin youth involved in the project for at least one year, who have good practive habits and a willingness to give back to the community throught performance are awarded witht the guitars to keep." Thank you Kevin Harris for hosting one of the most - i'm gonna say it - magical Sloups. Everyone one in attendance was in love with the dreamy ambiance at Floating Laboratories. Kevin - Sloupers want to come live with you - that's ok right? The Fountain on Locust brought us a delicious delicious black bean soup and told us to pass along that the Fountain does burlesque bingo the 1st Thursday of the month and side show spelling bee the 3rd Tuesday. So. Now you're in the know. So stay tuned for April - it's going to be an all Black Bear Bakery affair. Be sure to remember your black bear hats for next time.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Soup #14: Cuban Black Bean on the River

Sloup Sunday is upon us again, all the trees say so.

The Fountain on Locust is going to bring a huge batch of their vegan black bean that we can't wait to try. Check out their recent press for a Polish pickle soup. Yum.

And we're taking Sloup down by the river and ever so slightly off-road at Floating Laboratories, winner of the RFT's best underground club award of 2010. Click on the link for directions, hand-drawn map to follow.

We'll snag some awesome bread from Black Bear Bakery (they're gonna host April's Sloup!!) and meet you there. BYO refreshments, puhhlease!!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Project #13: Sonic St. Louis

David Weinberg won $540 and promises that: "The Sloup grant would fund a project called Sonic St. Louis (SSL). I would use the grant money to purchase digital audio recorders and hire a local web designer to build a website. The recorders would be available for the public to borrow to make recordings in and around the city. All of the recordings will be posted online to a sonic map of St. Louis where you can listen to the recording that was made in that location on the map. If for instance, you wanted to record the sound of Soulard barkers hawking produce or a memorable karaoke moment at The #1 Most Fabulous Room you could borrow one of the recorders. Or, if you wanted to interview your great grandmother about her famous gooey butter cake recipe or the time she hurled a rotten tomato at president Coolidge in Forrest Park you could borrow a recorder. If you wanted to hide the recorder in your breast pocket and surreptitiously record an especially juicy secret in order to exact revenge upon your employer/ex-lover/former best friend, I would not pass judgment. In fact, I would lend you a recorder."

We are so amazed by the other proposals this month, and they got such even steven votes, that there may be straggling future posts about their staggering beauty, so keep your eyes peeled, and always feel free to contact us to make connections with anyone you met at sloup... we'll help you track the world down.

We turned one years old today, and we are feeling pretty good. Los Caminos gave us a chocolate cake, and Amanda Goldblatt gave us a birthday card! Labeebee's lentil soup was perfect. Seriously. Do you understand? You know when soup is like perfect? Like mom-perfect and shit? OK. We'll revise this tomorrow. We love you.

NEXT SLOUP: March 27th. The Fountain on Locust makes soup @ Floating Laboratories!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Soup #13: Labeebee's @ Los Caminos, Birthday Style

Guess what? It's been a year and it's our birthday. Wow. Does our "wow" ring true? We hope so. Please don't miss Sloup #13 and all its tender beauty. Labeebee's Mid-East Cafe is surprising us with a soup from the secret soup society, Black Bear is blessing us with their overabundance of bread, Los Caminos is hosting with their usual effortless killer combo of sophistication and warmth, and you are staying too long too late and you are not surprised when the dance jamz come on real loud. We like presents. presence.

We are serious about your Sloup applications. Make them soap opera face. Make them lose importantly and win gracefully. Make them talk.

After Sloup #12 at CAM, we don't know what to expect. Except goodness.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Help Us Help You

Hey artists with proposals in your hearts,

Spit em out and send em in, but please note: We'd like to receive your one page proposal (including any images) to be sent as a PDF thingy. That way your formatting will hold and we can all smile about it!

Cool! Thanks!

oh... and... this just in: Labeebee's Mid-East Cafe is donating February's soup. If you haven't tried their falefel yet, you're probably just too busy applying to Sloup.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

PROJECT #12: A Collaboratory for Edible Ideas

Eric Woods and Kim Wardenburg will:

"collaborate with Carlos Dominguez of Latino Americana Restaurant, as well as Ana Rivera of El Chico Bakery and other participants from the neighborhood, to serve up the "Printmakers' Special"—a taco meal complete with edible, printed tortillas inspired by the people of Cherokee Street!"

They will receive $1210 toward this project. Whaattt? We ran out of Clara of Local Harvest's amaaaazing curried sweet potato soup and sssttttiiilllllll people paid to read the 11 incredible challenging insipring proposals for things that can/will happen in STL and to vote on their favorite.

Thanks for the awesome bread, Black Bear Bakery..mmmm mmm.

And thank you to the Contemporary Art Museum for fostering this explosion of energy in support of the vital arts communities that are crackling right here right now.

SLOUP is officially growing like crazy. Please email us if you want to volunteer to work the next Sloup, and keep submitting these killer proposals. Kill us dead. We will try to provide enough soup. Now we know.

We love you.

Next SLOUP: February 27th, 6 pm @ Los Caminos

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sloup #12 Sunday January 30th - 2-4 pm

Hey Sloupers -

Sorry for the confrusion - This month's Sloup will be in the afternoon (as opposed to the usual evening time)
2-4 pm, this Sunday, January 30th
at the Contemporary Art Museum.

Storm the Contemporary!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Sloup #12 Storm the Contemporary!

Sloup #12 is putting on it's Sunday best because the Contemporary Art Museum St Louis is hosting us this month!!! Also - Local Harvest will be whipping up a sweet potato soup we cannot wait to taste. This month's Sloup will be an afternoon affair from 2-4pm at the Contemporary this Sunday January 30th.

So, you know what you need to do:
Submit your awesome proposal ideas that you have saved away in your brain

Attend this awesome Sloup! This will be the biggest one yet!
Admission will be free to the Contemporary with your $10 donation to Sloup.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

SLOUP #12: bigger than ever?

Sloup's been growing steady, topping out with 6 proposals and 41 patrons last month at Paper Boat Studios. In the name of keeping up...

#1: Artists, please keep your proposals to one page, including images--pack yr punches!

#2: Sloupers, please bring and donate the bowls you don't use to Sloup! We had a steadily growing bowl collection for a while, then slacked... help us serve every you with a real bowl.