Monday, October 31, 2011

Project #21: Rats and People Motion Picture Orchestra

Heather Rice of Rats and People Motion Picture Orchestra (winner of October's $230 grant!!) wrote:

"My band 'Rats and People Motion Picture Orchestra' is a six piece ensemble who composes and performs original soundtracks to old silent films. We want to purchase our own screen and projector to allow us to play at more venues instead of being restricted to only places that have this technology. We feel that this would also enable us to plan a tour for this upcoming fall or spring.

Werner Herzog's "Cave of Forgotten Dreams" reminds us how powerful and fresh art can be tens, hundreds, or even thousands of years after its creation. The advanced technique and almost cubist style of some of the ancient cave paintings illustrate how wrong it is to assume art simply develops and improves along a single, uninterrupted evolutionary path. In the case of these ancient works of art, luck and plate tectonics preserved them by sealing off the cave to air, mold, and decay. In the present day, one of the best ways to preserve the similarly advanced art of silent film is through keeping it alive with fresh music and showing it to as many people in as many places as possible."

Congratulations R & P - job well done. And thank you everyone for attending yesterday evening to eat, vote, carve, and dunk.

Galen, you are the host with the most, such a cozy time. Will - your punch packed a punch, please come back again with your fantastic recipes. I'm feeling punny today so I should wrap this up. Not a drop of soup left last night - surely the sign of success. Stay tuned for updates folks for Sloup #22 - this one involves a ROAD TRIP so watch the blog and the Face for maps and other various directives. Think brave. Think car pool.

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