Sunday, June 20, 2010

Project #5: Pancake Productions...

will "continue recording, producing, releasing, and distributing fine artistic material in a wide range of media and disciplines, including (but certainly never limited to) music, film, video, photography, art, and beyond." All local, check it out.

$170! 95 degrees, thank you Sloup warriors. The kale was hot but light on the tongue.

Thank you to our neighbor The Stable for our primary distraction from the heat: Amalgamated Hefeweizen and Amalgamated Rye IPA and Amalgamated Rum... sooo delicious! Please thank them by taking some home or drinking some in house.

It was a beautiful night at Slow Rocket Urban Farm as the sun set on the second longest day of the year.... fireflies, territorial kittens, friendly chickens... and kale and kale and kale and kale and beets and turnips oh my.

Next Month's Sloup: Open Lot, 6 pm, July 25th. Let's sweat it out together.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Soup #5: Slow Rocket Urban Farm

This month, Sloup is collaborating with Slow Rocket, our host, to reinvent kale soup for summer. Don't be afraid. We can do it. This ain't your mama's kale.

We're excited about going mobile--showing up places with a pile of bowls and some awesome applications from you artists out there.

Not For Your iPhone

Check out our new app! Application process that is. Still short and simple. Still brave and fun. Give it a go. June's is due by midnight on June 19th.

See you at Slow Rocket Urban Farm, 1944 Cherokee Street, at 6 p.m. on the 2oth--after you call your dad.