Sunday, December 19, 2010

Project(s) 11: Pig Slop Studios and Eleanor Balson

Pig Slop says:

"We are currently constructing a space within Pig Slop devoted to exhibiting artwork: 48 linear feet of white wall space. The money will specifically go toward building materials (lumber, drywall, hardware), track lighting/clamp lighting, and materials to prepare the floors. This exhibition space will provide artists within the community an accessible venue for dispaying work. Any remaining money would go toward purchasing a PA for events that require amplification"

Eleanor says:

"Now that its winter and all the bees are huddled together, trying to keep from freezing, and there
is nothing I can do as apiary inspector until March, I am going to Brazil for 10 weeks to work with
Brazilian Honey Bees and Beekeepers! I leave on December 29th and wont come back until after
Carnaval, in mid March.

While I'm in Brazil, I'll be volunteering my assistance on two radical farms. First, I'll visit the MST
just outside of Teresina in Maranhao. The MST is a collective of rebel farmers who are reclaiming
deforested land. By organizing, they've been able to get the government to create “The Landless
Peasant Act”. This official recognition grants them the power to move onto ruined jungle lands and
be productive in raising a huge array of crops. I'll be working with a beekeeper who is extraordinary
because he keeps 4 different species of honey bees, and one species in particular makes a uniquely
delicious honey. The reason why this is extraordinary is because in Brazil, since an experiment with
breeding honey bees in the late 1950s went haywire, and 20 some odd very aggressive queens got
loose from a laboratory, all the honey bees now are “Africanized” - these are the killer bees that are
slowly moving their way up through our country, rumored to chase people and murder poodles. There
are many misconceptions about these aggressive bees from south of the border. One is that different
species of Africanized bees can't be maintained because they're too hard to control. This is a myth that I
will be able to speak about when I return in the spring. This experience will help me educate the public
about beekeeping through the many presentations I give as Apiary Inspector.

I have a good bee-suit, I have all the equipment I need. I have my plane tickets, my visa, my passport
– I'm totally ready to roll! But when I get there, I will have a very limited amount of spending money
for my 10 weeks. I want to pad my bank account a little better, because there will be busses to ride
and things to see down there that without some extra cash, I wont be able to afford to travel to. Also,
I started a raw food diet – which I'm really enjoying. I want to be able to buy some miso and tahini,
maybe some sea vegetables, and then do some fancy food making for my hosts and hostesses. If I get
this grant, it will make my trip a lot better by giving me a chance to get out and explore a little more."

$205 will go to each endeavor, thanks to all sloupers new and old.

The mushroom and barley was kick ass. Thanks Bridge Tap Room and Wine Bar!!

And squeezing together at Paperboat Studios was the best ever seriously. Thanks, Amy! She told us all to come visit any time. We should. We will.

Oh, and Rob, thanks for enchanting us with your new accordion while we did our thing. It's a beauty and so are you.

Next Sloup: January 30th from 2-4 pm at the Contemporary Art Museum, soup by Local Harvest.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Soup #11: Bridge @ Paper Boat

This month's soup will be made and donated by Bridge Tap House & Wine Bar! Snuggle up to a bowlful at Paper Boat Studios @ 2308 and 1/3 Cherokee Street, Sunday the 19th at 6 p.m.

Bring your friends, and email us your proposal by midnight the night before Sloup. That's right. You can apply right up until the witching hour.

And don't miss Googolplexia's new accordion debut. The "violet menace" will be in the house.