Monday, August 30, 2010

Project #7: Jenny Murphy

"Imagine an amazing toolbox that can be hitched to a bike, pedaled to your door, and then opened to reveal the simple tools you will need for any basic furniture-fix-up project (this scenario also includes a cyclist ready to offer design and build advice!)

If awarded a Sloup Grant, I would use the funds to purchase the supplies to build a small portable workshop bike trailer for Perennial, a new non-profit in St. Louis that serves as an educational and supply resource for creative reuse. While I will salvage most of the materials to build the trailer, I would use the Sloup Grant to purchase a new set of tools and supplies to travel in the workshop."

Thanks to everyone who came out last night, making this our largest grant yet: $350!!

Urban Studio Cafe: you're fantastic. Your outdoor tables are so inviting, your counter tops are so versatile, and your four walls held our soup talk brightly.

Newstead Tower Public House: thank you for your garlic, your tomato, your basil, for blending them sweetly into chilled perfection. We feasted all night!

Thank you Grace Woodard for telling us all about Urban Studio Cafe's amazing happenings and ambitions. We know many Sloupers were visiting Urban for the first time and plan to come back.

Next Sloup: September 26th!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Soup #7: drumroll........

chilled roasted garlic, Claverach Farm tomato and basil!

let's fade out summer together. yum.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Soup #7: Newstead Tower Public House

Sloup's in session this Sunday at 6 at Urban Studio Cafe (our first ever winner!) and Grace Woodard will be there to share what's been goin on with that way cool YUDU Personal Screen Printer. Here's what else:

-The soup will be donated by the Newstead Pub, courtesy of chef Anthony Devoti. It promises to be divine, and is yet to be revealed! Come find out with us.

-Sloup got some seriously flattering love this week. Gosh gosh gosh! Let's toast together.

-Lastly, we are waiting on your application. Please fill our inbox with a back to school rush of things you want to make and do. [Deadline: midnite saturday!] [Goal: so much goodness it's hard to vote!]

Fabulous. We'll see you there!