Thursday, August 26, 2010

Soup #7: Newstead Tower Public House

Sloup's in session this Sunday at 6 at Urban Studio Cafe (our first ever winner!) and Grace Woodard will be there to share what's been goin on with that way cool YUDU Personal Screen Printer. Here's what else:

-The soup will be donated by the Newstead Pub, courtesy of chef Anthony Devoti. It promises to be divine, and is yet to be revealed! Come find out with us.

-Sloup got some seriously flattering love this week. Gosh gosh gosh! Let's toast together.

-Lastly, we are waiting on your application. Please fill our inbox with a back to school rush of things you want to make and do. [Deadline: midnite saturday!] [Goal: so much goodness it's hard to vote!]

Fabulous. We'll see you there!

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