Monday, July 26, 2010

Project[S] #6: Jordan Hicks & Adrian Aquilino

We are proud to announce SLOUP'S FIRST TIE! We love it. Each project will receive an $80 boost:

Jordan: "I worked with two photographers to create a set of 19 postcards about St. Louis' urban landscape - specifically, how it is impacted by the city's precipitous 59% drop in population from 1950 – 2000. There are cards about the urban wilderness on the former Pruitt-Igoe Public Housing complex site; the reuse of materials from demolished buildings; abandoned schools; urban agriculture, and more. I selected 19 sites, the photographers shot at the sites, and I wrote text for the back of each card. We printed a small run of cards. Instead of selling the cards in shops, we gave a few sets to friends, and left a few sets out in public places, to be picked up, discussed, and shared. I left sets of cards at the arch grounds, the downtown public library, and City Garden. With the Sloup Grant, I would print more sets of these cards (and $10 could print about 1 and 1/4 sets at Kinko's, the least expensive option) and leave them, free for the taking, in more public places. I would like to leave them at markets, parks, and institutional buildings (places with a lot of foot traffic), but I am open to / looking for more suggestions. Also (though I would still need to coordinate with the photographers) I would like to add a few cards to the set – maybe one about squatting, one about urban wildlife, one about brownfield reclamation, and one about that old core of a building on the north side that fireman use for training."

Adrian: "The St. Louis Artists’ Guild, in collaboration with ArtDimensions, the Indonesian Consulate General in Chicago and the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Washington, D.C. are organizing a study abroad program sending St. Louis artists and community activists to Indonesia for a two-week period. While in Indonesia, the artists will be immersing themselves in the country’s rich culture to create work inspired by Indonesian art and design, culminating in an art exhibition in one of Jakarta’s top galleries. A group of artists planning on participating in the study abroad program are trying to raise money independently to finance the program’s artists’ journey. The fundraising committee would like to raise enough money to subsidize artists who would usually not be able to afford to travel abroad. Our goal is to have enough funds to pay for all the artists’ airfare, accommodations, local travel, and one meal a day. A Sloup grant alone would not cover all this, but every little bit helps! If the Indonesian Study Abroad Program Fundraising Committee were to win a Sloup grant, all of the money would go towards funding the artists who would like to participate in the program in Indonesia."

Lots of fabulous first-time Sloupers ventured out last night and were rewarded with the finest brightest corn soup we've ever met (thank you, Danny! it was genius!), enough relief from the summer heat to really enjoy it, the chance to make a button with Studio STL's rad new button maker (courtesy of Emma O'brien! Studio STL clearly has it going on, check out their website), and great conversation that mingled with the packing peanuts of BJ Vogt's volcanic sculpture named "We are better volcanoes than volcanoes," which we all orbited around until the sun fell.

Next Sloup: Urban Arts Cafe, August 29th

Apply. Be there. Peace.


  1. The soup was SO delicious! Thanks for having me and my button machine Sloup! Emma

  2. This is great! Let me know when the next one is!!

  3. Yes, it was delicious. Hope I can make the next one.