Sunday, May 23, 2010

Project #4: CAMP Bike Shop

"The CAMP (Community, Arts, and Movement Project) Bike Shop is a place where neighborhood kids (and grown-ups!) can come get their bikes fixed, earn a bike, and learn how to work on bikes. Sloup funds will be used to restock the bike shop for the coming summer with basic tools and supplies such as: bike tubes, patch kits, brake pads, spokes, wrenches, grease and chain lube, and if funds allow, a wheel-truing stand."

$240!! Thanks, everyone! See you next month?

And! Thank you Mangia Italiano for donating the most delicious fire roasted tomato soup we've ever tasted! It was sort of ridiculous. People were sputtering infomercials about it.

And! Amanda Goldblatt gifted us popsicles. Bomb Pops to be precise. Anyone who didn't eat 3 was a wuss.

And! We had the most proposals yet this month-plans for beautiful projects that should happen! Bring it on, brave ones.... apply frequently and wildly!

We're spinning with new ideas about Sloup going mobile and getting stronger, so please check back for another post soon. And send thoughts!

Sloup #5 will be at Slow Rocket Urban Farm on June 20th! Yeah, that's Father's Day! Bring your dad. We'll father your art project. Dads.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Soup #4: Mangia Italiano!!

Late breaking news Sloupers! Mangia is donating this month's soup - Fire-Roasted Tomato!

We are excited.

Are you excited?!

plus--Claire Wolff (our first Sloup grant recipient) comes back to talk about Urban Arts Cafe's merch-makin' magic and we brainstorm together about Sloup going mobile! Don't miss it!

oh oh and applications aren't due 'til tomorrow at midnight, pumpkins.