Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sloup #22: Moonlight Farm Field Trip

Sloup is the same but different this month, and we can't wait. Let's get started a little early because we've got to take a little journey to our venue this time, and it'd be fun to catch the sunset over the fields.

Moonlight Farm is at 3470 Dutch Bottom Road in Arnold, MO. It's an easy shot down 55 for the most part, with a few twists and turns at the end.

So, for those of you who can head out at 4:15 or so, let's meet at The Mud House at 4 and get oriented and sardine-like and build a parade. Don't be shy about showing up car-less, lots of folks will have extra seats! And if you like driving, we'd love you to be one of those pals with extra seats.

For those of you who want to leave a little later or direct from home, here are the basics:
"(from Mud House) Cherokee St. to 55 S to 141 (about 14 miles), make a right on 141, make a left on Missouri State Rd (about 2 miles - it's the next street past Astra Way, there is no light at Missouri State), make a left at the stop sign, make a right on Dutch Bottom Rd, follow the road around a large curve, you will see an iron gated driveway on the left and go over a creek, the next gravel driveway you see on the left is our road! follow the road down to the barn!"

Those are direct from our hosts, Amanda and Alaric Geimer! That's right, they said "barn." Let's DO THIS.

They also say they'll be making a "fresh-off-zee-farm winter squash and pear soup and scrumptious hot pear cider for slurping." Yum-mee.

The whole Sloup thing will still go down smooth and easy: packet of fresh artist's proposals, informal chats about them all, $10 for a vote on your favorites, we post the winner in the mornin'... but THIS time, once you read 'em, they'll turn into kindling for our cozy bonfire.

Didya hear that?? Extra incentive to submit a proposal this month- your art-goal will become ashes that go up and up into the night, and that's way more powerful magic than your standard household birthday candles.

We'll head back to the city together by 7 o'clock or so. Plenty of time to head to the next thing STL has going on for you, or to catch a much-needed big bear nap.

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  1. Oh, SLOUP. Always competing with the closing night of my other favorite five-letter acronym whose first two letters are SL. Sadly (or not!) I will be SLIFFin' it up big. This sounds so lovely, though.