Monday, July 25, 2011

Project #18 Los Caminos

Why do we [Los Caminos] need a Sloup grant?
"For the past nine months Los Caminos has presented a diverse array of exhibitions featuring local and national artists. Because Los Caminos is neither a commercial gallery nor a 501(c)3 non-profit, we do not have the capabilities of generating income like other art spaces. While these factors inhibit us financially, they also give us complete freedom to allow artists to experiment. The space has been self-funded by Co-Directors Cole Root and Francesca Wilmott. With our first year coming to a close we are now faced with the expenses of continuing our ambitious programming through the summer and into the fall.
Sloup funds would be used for a variety of purposes in addition to general
operating expenses: installation and equipment costs for our upcoming summer and fall programming (this involves preparing the space for video installations), annual fees such as our domain renewal for our website which helps showcase the St. Louis art community on a global level, and shipping for our upcoming group exhibition which features artists from St. Louis, New York, and Chicago."

Congratulations Los Caminos - the sizable grant of $940 goes to you!
Very exciting - almost overwhelming Sloupers - this last Sloup at the Contemporary Art Museum St Louis was awesome! Thank you Alex Elmestad for hosting us and thank you Clara/Local Harvest for the delicious summer soup. So good to see so many new faces! Please come back next month at Firecracker Press for Sloup #19! Stay Tuned for more details about August and beyond!

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