Monday, August 29, 2011

Project #19 Bus Songs

Barron Johnson and Paul Fehler will use this month's Sloup Grant "for the school year of 2011/2012, we want to record kids rapping on buses. We want to hear what they say, record it, and preserve it for posterity. We think that this is an important step in safeguarding our culture, and that without efforts like these our identity as “St. Louisans” will be increasingly threatened. We believe that it’s imperative that steps be taken to prevent our city, as we know and experience it now, from being imperfectly understood by future generations."

Congratulations guys!

Well - thank you Eric & Maggie from Firecracker for hosting us this month. Totally great energy and a lot of new folks this time.

We had two delicious soups (a frijoles charro soup and a secret sopa vegetales) this month from Carniceria Latino Americana - maybe if we ask really nicely, they will put those soups on their menu....hmmmmm?

So. Next month we'll be back at the Contemporary for Sloup #20 - we'll have to drum up some fun for CAM for sure.
And- what's new with you? We wanna know - Drop us a line

Stay tuned for more for September and up-coming fall Sloups!

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