Monday, March 28, 2011

Project #14 The Strings Attached Project

***The Strings Attached Project provides weekly music lessions, guitars and community performance opportunities to St Louis youth ages 5-17. The project cuttently has 23 students involved, learning to sight read music, play guitar and work in small ensembles. The project uses American roots music as its study genres with an emphasis on St Louis music history. $520 will help fund "A) a recording studio day with youth as an educational field trip, make recordings and later dub in professional St Louis muscicians as backup players for the youth. The recording "Eternal Songs" would be released as a CD and download to help fund this ongoing project. and B) to help fund the guitar "awards" wherin youth involved in the project for at least one year, who have good practive habits and a willingness to give back to the community throught performance are awarded witht the guitars to keep." Thank you Kevin Harris for hosting one of the most - i'm gonna say it - magical Sloups. Everyone one in attendance was in love with the dreamy ambiance at Floating Laboratories. Kevin - Sloupers want to come live with you - that's ok right? The Fountain on Locust brought us a delicious delicious black bean soup and told us to pass along that the Fountain does burlesque bingo the 1st Thursday of the month and side show spelling bee the 3rd Tuesday. So. Now you're in the know. So stay tuned for April - it's going to be an all Black Bear Bakery affair. Be sure to remember your black bear hats for next time.

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