Sunday, February 27, 2011

Project #13: Sonic St. Louis

David Weinberg won $540 and promises that: "The Sloup grant would fund a project called Sonic St. Louis (SSL). I would use the grant money to purchase digital audio recorders and hire a local web designer to build a website. The recorders would be available for the public to borrow to make recordings in and around the city. All of the recordings will be posted online to a sonic map of St. Louis where you can listen to the recording that was made in that location on the map. If for instance, you wanted to record the sound of Soulard barkers hawking produce or a memorable karaoke moment at The #1 Most Fabulous Room you could borrow one of the recorders. Or, if you wanted to interview your great grandmother about her famous gooey butter cake recipe or the time she hurled a rotten tomato at president Coolidge in Forrest Park you could borrow a recorder. If you wanted to hide the recorder in your breast pocket and surreptitiously record an especially juicy secret in order to exact revenge upon your employer/ex-lover/former best friend, I would not pass judgment. In fact, I would lend you a recorder."

We are so amazed by the other proposals this month, and they got such even steven votes, that there may be straggling future posts about their staggering beauty, so keep your eyes peeled, and always feel free to contact us to make connections with anyone you met at sloup... we'll help you track the world down.

We turned one years old today, and we are feeling pretty good. Los Caminos gave us a chocolate cake, and Amanda Goldblatt gave us a birthday card! Labeebee's lentil soup was perfect. Seriously. Do you understand? You know when soup is like perfect? Like mom-perfect and shit? OK. We'll revise this tomorrow. We love you.

NEXT SLOUP: March 27th. The Fountain on Locust makes soup @ Floating Laboratories!!

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  1. Congrats! Last night was a hard one to vote in - there were a LOT of great proposals! Congrats to Sonic St. Louis for getting funding for a really, really cool ideal, and no disappointment to the others - all of your ideals are far too good to not follow through on!

    Congrats and thanks to all, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Sloup!