Monday, April 25, 2011

Project #15 "Float your Face Music Festival"

wow oh wow. $220 goes to Kevin Harris of Floating Labs:

***The artistic project currently being planned and in need of community support is the "Float Your Face Music Festival" to be held May 27th and 28th at Floating Laboratories, an experimental music and sound studio in Saint Louis. The project is a collaboration between Kevin Harris, founder of Floating Laboratories, and cultural organizer Josh Levi of Flood Yr Face.

The festival will provide the citizens of Saint Louis with two days of critical exposure to some of the most authentic experimental music being made in the world today:

--Eight national and international artists will bring highly unique and ambitious work to Floating Laboratories, to be performed over the course of two evenings.

--Workshops will be held by local and national artists on electronic circuit design, instrumental performance technique, and experimental film manipulation.

--Lectures/presentations will be held on electronic music history, esoteric and "forgotten" musics, applications and interpretations of analog and digital synthesis, and experimental music and its relationship with social activism and change.

--Representatives from other like-minded Saint Louis community organizations will be encouraged to participate and distribute information about themselves.

We intend for this festival to provide Saint Louis with a vehicle to interact with positive people and new environments - using music as a catalyst. Just as the content of the music being selected is highly authentic, creative, and non-traditional, so will be all aspects of this festival and experience.

The money awarded from SLOUP would go towards paying the travel expenses of visiting artists. Ultimately, the money would provide Saint Louis with a unique musical experience.***

Thank you Thank you Travis DeRousse & Melanie DeRousse for hosting us at Black Bear Bakery - the two soups, white bean and corn chowder, were totally delicious - Sloup was so so cozy and we saw quite a handful of new faces!

Well Sloup #16 needs a home - contact us if you would like to host or make a soup!

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