Monday, December 19, 2011

SLOUP #23: The Science of Sloup (AN INVITATION)

On the night of Sunday, January 29th, Sloup will happen all over St Louis because anyone & any place can host.

That’s you!


•have people over some time that night

•feed them soup

•distribute the month’s artists’ proposals to your guests (proposals will be accessible on the blog by noon that day.)

•facilitate a Sloup vote (by individual ballot, majority, or unanimity—up to you! experiment!)

•collect a $10 donation from each voter (hosts may choose to vote or not; proposers may not host Sloup but proposers may attend Sloup)

•document the event creatively

•and drop off a post-Sloup packet between 7 and noon on January 30th at Local Harvest Café at 3137 Morganford Rd.

post-Sloup packet contents
1. a list of participants & their email addresses (& any extra documentation!)
2. the recipe or story behind the soup
3. all ballots (or a tally if your Sloupers voted together)
4. $10 per ballot (or per vote in tally)
5. process notes from your Sloup based on these 7 questions:
-What drew you to hosting and what were your plans or hopes for your Sloup? How did it play out?
-Describe your Sloup’s dynamics (i.e. host/guest, dinner/proposals, etc).
-Describe the discussion and voting process regarding the artists’ proposals.
-What were some successes and challenges of hosting your Sloup? Any supreme moments, surprises, major issues, small awkwardnesses?
-Would you host a Sloup again? Why or why not? What elements would you keep or change?
-If you have attended Sloup before, compare your Sloup to others. If your hosting experience was your first Sloup, what do you now expect from future Sloups?
-After hosting a Sloup, do you have any advice for Sloup as it moves forward?

Please make it your own. And last minute is fine—we don’t need to know ‘til the next morning! But we can help you plan your Sloup and/or advertise your Sloup to others if you’d like it to be open. Ideally, a Directory of possible Sloups to attend (at homes, restaurants, and art spaces) on January 29th will emerge on our blog. And if any requirements limit your ideal sloup-ability, we want to know (i.e. Do you need us to drop off copies of the proposals to your site that afternoon?).

Sloup 23: The Science of Sloup is a collaboration between Sloup and Francesca Wilmott of Los Caminos. Francesca will host a Sloup that night at Los Caminos. (

And Amelia and Maggie would like to attend other Sloups. Invite us!

MORE INFO AND IDEAS TO FOLLOW. email ideas and questions to

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