Monday, February 27, 2012

Project #24 Gateway Movement

Erin Taylor writes," Have you ever wondered what happens on the mighty Mississippi? The Mississippi River is the legacy of our city, yet on a day-to-day basis, we experience so little of its grandness. I am here to share with you why I love the river and why it is still such a vital part of our community. My goal, and the reason I would love your support, is to create a film that will highlight the power and vitality of the Mississippi River.

My film ‘Gateway Movement’ is about the patterns and the beauty of river traffic in the St. Louis area. The Gateway Arch and Eads Bridge are iconic structures in St. Louis. These places will serve as backdrops to the various types of river traffic that run past our city on a daily basis. My film intends to document the behind-the-scenes impact of these seemingly common watercraft on our daily lives."

Congratulations to Erin and a big thank you to all that submitted - Erin's proposal had some really great company.

Thank you CAM and thank you chef Darren O'Day for the simple but elegant Potato Leek - everyone wanted seconds (and thirds)

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