Monday, January 30, 2012

Project #23: "A Variety of Mysteries"

Devin Devon will receive $1400 for ""A Variety Of Mysteries". A mysterious chick flick about a drunken and depressed girl named Violet, who's meth abusing aunt Miranda, leaves her daughter, Paisley, in Violet's care while she spends time in a rehab clinic. Sounds grim on paper, but trust me, the film is actually quite charming.... If you choose my proposal, you will be giving our lowborn cinematic baby the chance for a good start in the world and validating all of the work that we have put into it over the last 16 months...We just want people to have the chance to see it in the hope that some may love it as much as those of us who worked on it do. I thank you for your consideration."

Wow. This was close one. SO many gems of ideas this month. Sloup is so appreciative for each applicant's brave submission.

A big, BIG (we are stretching our arms wide) big, thank you to our hosts last night. A successful night that has unearthed so many thoughts in our brains. We will be sharing all of these discoveries with you, dear Sloupers. There truly are so many ways to Sloup.

Next month we will be teaming up with CAM on February 26 for some anniversary Sloup fun. Two years and counting! May Day Orchestra will be paying us a visit. Don't miss it!

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  1. I so totally want to host another SLOUP. I'd kinda like to do another private one as a satellite SLOUP, any thoughts? Everyone had such a great time..