Monday, November 22, 2010

Sloup #10 The Archive & the Cherokee Peach

***Here’s a thing I want really badly: A shiny golden (or maybe shiny purple? Or shiny green? Heck, help me decide! If you vote
Googolplexia, write a color next to your vote!) ACCORDION upon which to wail so verily like you’ve never even
heard or understood.

I can basically guarantee I’ll be back to sing
songs and play the accordion at a SLOUP event in the future, assuming they’d have me do so, and provided
you guys help me get this dang ol’ accordion!***

$270 SLOUP dollars go to Googolplexia

Thanks the Archive and Cherokee Peach for hosting and making the most excellent Curried Green Tomato Soup and Heirloom Squash Apple Soup

So save the date for Sloup 11, Sunday December 19th at Paper Boat Studios


  1. So sad I had to work during sloup. . . but THRILLED there will be an accordion at the next one. Would have had my vote for sure!

  2. Did the votes say anything about what color it should be?