Monday, September 27, 2010

Project #8, Tie #2: Saturday School & Free Halloween Pictures at Cherokee Photobooth

***"This grant would support Saturday School programming materials. Saturday School uses art education ideas as a vehicle for realizing civic empowerment. Kids at Holy Trinity school will learn how to articulate and enact their desires for their community through small local architectural re-use acts and imaginative building projects. This grant would support the material budget, as we are a self-funded initiative and in need of funds that can support the visions of the youth, we’re talking real simple, nails, screws, paper, markers, you know."

***"On October 30th and 31st, we will offer free Halloween pictures at our studio in Cherokee Street to anyone who comes. We will take pictures for everyone in front of a huge chalkboard background designed by local artist Ryan Frank, and print 4 x 6 pictures for free. Each picture is delivered in a photo folder that also acts as a frame. There will be lots of Halloween themed props and there will be candy. The event will last for about 7 hours each day. We estimate to be able to print at least 250 pictures each day. At 2 to 4 people per picture, we should be able to serve 500 to 1000 people in the two days of the event. We will have one photographer, one make up assistant, one person doing registration, one person printing and one person delivering the pictures. We also plan to provide some entertainment outside since people may have to wait for an hour or so. Later this year, we plan to have an art exhibit in one of the local galleries inviting everyone who came and got their picture taken on Halloween and Easter, as well as the general public. We will promote the event trough flyers in local stores (barber shops, Family Dollar, etc), radio advertisement (KDHX, 104.1, 104.7, 107.7) and press releases in the local and regional papers (STL Today, RFT, Globe Democrat, St Louis Beacon, etc). This is a community sponsored event. Novation Church, KDHX, Fort Gondo, JAD productions, Jackson Pianos, Cherokee Kuts, Foam and others have already committed to sponsor part of the event, and we are working in securing sponsorship from other individuals, groups and institutions in the neighborhood. We want the Halloween pictures to be an opportunity for businesses, individuals and groups on Cherokee Street to give back to the neighbors that make the street what it is. We also want this event to be an opportunity for people in the neighborhood to interact with the artistic community. This is why we are reaching to local sponsors and this is why it is very important for us to get a grant from Sloup. We want to make sure this is a gift from the different forces changing Cherokee Street, to the neighborhood we are changing."

Thanks to Alissa and Eric, our first house-sloup was all the cozy we had dreamed of and more. And thanks to all who came out and glowed under the trees of light at their 3210 Cherokee home, each project will receive a $150 grant!

NEXT SLOUP: October 24th
THINGS WE'LL NEED: a big pot of soup, your proposals, costume ideas

And hey check out the new Sloup Archive, where we've started caching every proposal ever submitted to Sloup as examples for future applicants and to simply be an all-out inspiring trove of artistic intention.

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