Monday, April 26, 2010

Project #3: Slow Rocket Urban Farm

"Although our primary day-to-day focus is growing veggies for you (and for us), we see our new little farm as having a large focus on events including acoustic music shows, readings, and video screenings (maybe your videos) on our big wall. While we’re set for all things acoustic, we do not own a video projector or a sound system. With the generous help of Sloup-goers, we would like to acquire these items and then invite you to hang out at the farm to watch films of all sorts while our chickens eat mosquitoes. We are particularly interested in including more imaginative films about food and farming, as opposed to the wonderful -- yet polemic -- documentaries that people often use to promote local and sustainable agriculture."

Thanks to an awesome friendly hungry crowd, the Sloup grant totalled $280 this month!

Special thanks to Heather Overby, who made the most amazing coconut curry a rainy night has ever beheld, and to Kimmy Wardenburg (with her mom, Mary!) for sharing her Fresh Bread project--this month's edible donations were especially beautiful, on top of tasty.

Next Sloup: May 23rd

Please email us your wildest project proposals--and ideas for soups and breads you'd like to give to Sloup!



  1. Nice! I didn't even know SLOUP #3 was happening. Glad to see SRUF nailed it. I am kerpplying for the next SLOUP with haste.

  2. Any idea when the June sloup might happen? I can't make the May one but would like to start making sure I am in town as much as possible for future ones. I (obviously) think this is a fantastic idea and what to support this as much as I possible can.

  3. We'll also be teaming up with Slow Rocket tonight to bring you an Exploding Swan event. Please come on by and see the set up:

  4. Oh, and Todd, I'm not sure of the exact date, but I know I'll be hosting June's SLOUP at 1719 Preston PL #1. I'll post something as soon as I hear from the SLOUP crew.

  5. Thanks hoverby-I am arriving back into STL @ 5 pm on Sunday, and I know SLOUP starts @ 6-- is it considered rude to show up "late" or does SLOUP shut its doors after a certain time? Just trying to decide if I should show up late or beg off until the following event.